Fasting, Celebrity, Acclaim, Popularity and Worthiness – Public Examples that Make the Difference

When religions have gone so very, very ludicrously wrong for thousands of years, sometimes the best reasons to do what has been practiced for as long is the obvious. Popularizing this quickly, effectively, in many languages and globally to what looks like exponential growth can be a wise reason to end wars, disease and show empathy with starvation, hunger and malnutrition – and be an intelligent bar to global acclaim.


Fasting, Celebrity, Deserved Public Image, Popularity and Worthiness

Fasting Can Save Your Life

When people earn global acclaim, celebrity and popularity, real causes for humans beings seem illusive – investors, actors, models, politicians, those who are successful in philanthropy, business, authors, sports, God, Messiah, prophets, law givers, writers get fame and notice for so many reasons – yet earning their way to basic topics that make the difference to solving the world’s problems could seem easier than earning the next front page publicity on the gossip and people columns. Is putting forward a case to solve global problems a world beyond the next fashion statement on a magazine; is expressing a public need to end starvation, terrorism, unemployment and war a less popular personal social act then dress, gossip, sports and romance….

I suggest to you that, particularly given the number of crises publicized personally and globally, life and death…

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